Tuesday, February 16, 2010

welcome to my life.

  my name is steve. i'm new to the blog thing, so don't expect literary dynamite. i usually laugh over how utterly mundane a lot of personal internet posts are; "i just toasted a bagel," and such thus i'll try to be some semblance of interesting in my entries.
  i guess i should write something about myself as an introduction. i was born in willimantic, connecticut and went to school in lebanon. i was raised poor white trash, and will most likely die that way. in my formative years, i was surrounded by 70's muscle cars and spent my time riding my bicycle, harassing girl scouts, dabbling in vandalism, playing in the woods, and listening to death metal. i was kind of a social pariah in school until around thirteen i got into punk rock. and i'm not ashamed to admit that it was nirvana that showed me the way to black flag, MDC, and flipper. and i still listen to nirvana. one cannot deny their cultural relevance, and unfortunately the bullshit wasteland of music that they ultimately inspired. 
  so, i started going to punk rock shows after a while and found my niche. people actually treated me like a human being for once, and i felt a sense of community. this is how i met many of my friends who i'm still in contact with to this day, and met my first girlfriend at sixteen. 
  my love of music led me to play in a lot of stupid teenage bands that were fun at the time. at eighteen, i took my first hit of LSD and it turned my brain upside down. i can't remember how many times i'd tripped between then and the age of 2o, but it was a lot. i moved to boston for a while and took a bummer. i moved back to the woods in connecticut for a spell to get my head together, when my friend brett called me and told me that he shattered his pelvis skateboarding. he lived in northampton massachusetts. a lot more exiting than ashford, connecticut. i assure you. so i moved up to mass to take care of him and find a job. we were poor. we got drunk and raised hell. we would take speed and talk about breakdancing. we ate out of dumpsters and stole pumpkins off of people's porches to make soup. i worked as a dishwasher in a tyrannical yuppie pasta restaurant before getting an awesome job at a copy shop. after seeing the movie "driller killer" (watch it) i wanted to start a band, and stumbling upon two other miscreants at a drug party freddy and the landlords were born. a minor label signed the dumbest band in the world and looked on in horror as everyone (exept the singer) slit their fingers open and signed the contract in blood. we made a racket, fucked shit up, did whippets on the train tracks and disappeared leaving a wake of graffiti and alienation. 
  these were the days of ALLSCUM, our apartment of iniquity located above a chinese restaurant which aside from the 7-11, provided our meals. my roomate bill and i formed a two man band called "druz" with me on guitar and bill drumming on a padded chair. we wrote over two hundred songs in about a year. we only played parties and called ourselves "apartment rock." i developed a budding heroin problem that would plague me sporadically for years. i played in a few other bands; to name a few- the bourgois heroes, the cheater's club, true grit and the dirty needles. i fell in love, or so i thought and was married. we moved to athens, georgia and were together for three years before a divorce. in that span, i travelled through beautiful southeast asia where i saw shit that blew my mind, ate food you probably would not, and attended cooking class in cambodia (i'm told i make some pretty bitchin' asian food) and briefly owned a house, acting as a landlord. i also started a fast thrash band with some georgians called AMERICAN CHEESEBURGER, which is very fun. 
  to sum it up, i'm a broke-ass cook living in a basement apartment on a quiet street scraping change to buy cigarettes and fix broken equipment, obsessing over the occult, movies, shooting guns and an unabashed nerdiness towards finding obscure records. go figure. welcome to my life.

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